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My Referral Club offers two different club formats for business professionals to greatly improve their income:

Church Club format:
Most Churches (all religious organizations) are looking for a way to better support their congregation and church members who would like to do business with someone in their church, if only they knew who to contact. My Referral Club solves those problems. Please watch this short video: How does My Referral Club fit in? for a quick introduction.

Independent Business Club format:
This format allows business professionals to self organize a club in their local community using the My Referral Club format. We provide the structure and full service web site for each club. If being part of a group of business professionals who are aligned to provide referrals to each other is of interest, or if you are already a member of a different referral club, please watch this Flash Movie Introduction.

Referrals are the best way to receive new business! A good referral makes your heart sing. When you receive a referral, "life is good". My Referral Club can help build a powerful base of continual referral business that will pay dividends for years.

To view more information about My Referral Club please click the following "More" button.

Once you have reviewed the information we have provided about our Church Clubs or Business Clubs and would like to explore the possibility of starting a club, please Contact Us.

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